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Let the Elder Manufacturing Company embroider your garments so you are ready to go. We have years of experience with prices that are hard to beat. Whether for seasonal orders of several hundred or smaller orders requiring quick response, we have the capabilities to handle it all. Just contact your individual Account Representative to get the process started.


  • Sample(s) of the actual embroidery in all needed color ways must be provided to your Sales Rep or mailed to our St. Louis office (Attn: Mark Eyre).
  • An embroidery file in Tajima format with a DST file extension is helpful. Just attach the file in an email to your Account Representative.
  • If an embroidery file is unavailable, we can digitize your digital or camera ready artwork. Email digital art files (JPG, etc.) to your Account Representative. Camera ready art may be given to your Account Representative or mailed to our St. Louis office (Attn: Mark Eyre).
  • Thread brand(s) and color numbers currently used for the design are needed. If unknown, please provide Pantone (PMS numbers) for each color. If thread and Pantone information is unavailable, we will do our best to match your provided samples.
  • Samples can be sent direct to our St. Louis office at 999 Executive Parkway Drive, Suite 300, St. Louis Mo. 63141

Digitization And/or Pre-production Approval Sew-outs

  • All new embroidery designs, revisions to existing designs or newly added fabric/color ways require customer approval of preproduction sew-outs on all fabric/color ways.
  • Digitization of new or revised designs and/or pre-production sew-outs for seasonal orders will typically be mailed for approval in an average of three weeks.
  • Digitization of new or revised designs and/or pre-production sew-outs for quick response orders will generally be mailed out for approval within 2 weeks. Note: Additional time for sew-outs may be required if thread needs to be special ordered


  • Delivery of seasonal embroidery orders takes approximately three months.
  • Delivery of smaller quick response orders for approved designs generally takes two weeks.


  • Please see our catalog for up-to-date pricing or contact your individual Account Representative with any questions.

Embroidery Examples

Screen Printing

Let us do your screen printing for you, also. It’s easy and will save you time. Don't hesitate to contact your Account Representative with any questions.

Minimum Qty 12 Units Per Run

  • Please call for a quote on any design over six colors.
  • Dark-color garments may require a base layer of ink to prevent dye migration into the ink.
  • Initial set-up fees for new designs. No fee for re-orders if the design remains the same.
  • Standard turnaround is ten business days after written approval of artwork, samples, and the arrival of goods into the shop.
  • Fill-ins and/or add-ons will be charged separately unless production has not yet been completed for an existing order.

Screen Print Examples

Where To Buy

Please contact your Elderwear Account Representative or a member of Senior Management or Customer Service with any questions you may have. We are here to help in any way possible.

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